How to file your ITR?

Under Electronic filing, the individual will have to follow the following procedure:

  • Get the tax return in a valid XML format (through the Income Tax department site or other online tax preparation sites)
  • Visit the Income Tax site
  • Log on using the user-ID and password (username is usually the 10 digit PAN No.)
  • Select the respective ITR form
  • Upload the XML file generated
  • Upon uploading, an acknowledgement will be generated.

If the file is uploaded with a digital signature, then the process of filing return is completed.

However if the file is uploaded without a digital signature, the individual will have to print form ITR-V and submit the same to the Income Tax department physically. The process of filing return will be completed only on physical filing of ITR-V.

For Physical filing, the individual will have to take a print out of the respective ITR form along with the Acknowledgment form and file it with the Income Tax Officer.

Whether it is electronic filing or physical filing, under the new procedure, individuals do not have to attach any documents or enclosures with the return of income.

Kindly go through the Instructions thoroughly before filing the forms and fill out the proper codes wherever applicable.
Fill in all the coloumns and in case some coloumn is not applicable just mention N A or 0.

It thus becomes very important to scrutinize the forms properly before submitting, so that one can ensure that no part of the form is left unfilled or not properly filled, which may lead to several consequences under the Income Tax Act, 1961

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